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Environmental Sustainability for Environmental Services is a consulting firm which possess the expertise and solutions for Improving operational efficiency and dealing with project based environmental regulations. We transform these initiatives into opportunities for development and sustainability for your company. We bring comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to:
* Environmental Assessments
* Environmental Compliance
* Natural Resources Management
* Waste Management
* Water Management
* Specialized Trainings
Our team has the proficiency to address your environmental requirement in a professional and competent way to save your precious time and considerable resources.

Our team of experts with technical capabilities and understanding of environmental regulations and industry trends ensure the success of your compliance and management efforts. With us, you get to see how your environmental performance improves while you achieve profitable sustainability.
EIA (Environment impact assessment)
- Collection of baseline data using the current and previous data available from various government published reports on air, water, soil, flora & fauna, socio-economics, infrastructure, sensitive areas (archaeological, historical etc.).
- Detailed description of all aspects and their imminent Environmental impacts during the preconstruction, construction and operational phases. The elements to be assessed during the project phases include drainage features, roads, waste management, ambient air quality, water resources management flora/fauna and utility requirements.
- Preparation of EIA and EMP documents with recommendations on preventive and corrective measures for limiting the impact on environment to the desired level during various stages of project.
- Development of a suitable post study-monitoring program to comply with various environmental regulations; and Risk Assessment (RA).
Baseline Environmental Data Generation
* Ambient Air Quality
* Water Quality
* Soil Quality
* Noise Levels
* Geology and Hydrogeological aspects
* Socio-Economic and Health aspects
* Ecological studies
* (Terrestrial and Aquatic)
* Aesthetic/Cultural / Sensitive Aspects
* Traffic Survey
Legislation And Regulatory Considerations
Environment Impact Assessment
To identify documented environmental control procedures to manage the activities associated with the identified significant environmental aspects, it should be noted that all significant environmental aspects should be controlled. Environmental Control Plans must include, but not be limited to:
Identification of those positive or negative environmental impacts of the project activities, products or services that could cause a change or could affect the following environmental media.
The guidelines suggested and international practices prescribed by relevant international standards to be reviewed to determine the adverse impacts and critical areas.
Environment Management Plan
For each potential negative impact identified, recommendations to be presented for avoidance, minimization or mitigation of impacts along with costs associated with potential mitigation. An EIA/EMP, based on three months’ baseline study, will be prepared for the project. The EMP will address the following:
1-Air Quality Standards- Ref.Qatar Environment Protection Law
Parameter Unit Max limit Measured Values
Particulates Matter (PM10) (μg/m3) - 150
Particulates Matter (PM2.5) (μg/m3) - 25
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) (μg/m3) - 365
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) (μg/m3) - 400
Ozone (O3) (μg/m3) - 235
Carbon Monoxide (CO) (mg/m3) - 40
VOC ( if any) ppb - 44
Hydrocarbons ng/m3 - 1
Lead (μg/m3) - 1.5
2. Non Ionization Radiation Monitoring-Ref.International Commission On Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)
(To be reported quarterly through a third party)
Parameter Unit Max limit Measured Values
Max Magnetic Field Strength (A/m) 100 –Public 500- Occupational
Max Electric Field Strength (V/m) 5-puplic 10-Occupational
B-Field (µT) - 100
3. Noise & Vibration Monitoring –Ref.Qatar Environment Protection Law To (Be Reported Quarterly Through A Third Party)
Maximum noise level at the building areas (average 10 minutes)
Measured values
Noise Residential and Establishments Decibel (dB) 55 45
Noise Commercial Decibel (dB) 65 55
Noise Commercial Decibel (dB) 75 75
4. Soil Contamination Monitring – Ref.Environmental Protection Agency Epa (To Be Reported At Start & At End Of Project Through A Third Party.
Analytical method Detection limit/unit Measured Values
Cadmium -cd US EPA 3051 A/6010C - 0.500 mg/kg
Lead-pd US EPA 3051 A/6010C - 0.500 mg/kg
Selenium-se- US EPA ICP-OES- HYDRIDE - 20.0µg /kg
Pcbs- US EPA-3550/8270 D - 0.1 mg/kg
Total petroleum hydrocarbon - Gasoline range-grh US EPA 3035/8015 - 0.1µg /kg
Diesel rang-drh US EPA 3550 C/8270 D/8015 C - 1.0 µg /kg
Heavy fraction- US EPA 9071 B - 5.0 mg/kg
5. Ground Water Monitoring – Ref.Dutch Invention Values (To Be Reported Quarterly By Through A Third Party)
Parameter Unit Limit Measured Values
Cadmium (Cd) (µg/l) 0.4 6
Copper (Cu) (µg/l) 15 75
Lead (Pb) (µg/l) 15 75
Mercury (Hg) (µg/l) 0.05 0.3
Phenol (µg/l) 0.2 2,000
Cresols (sum) (µg/l) 0.2 200
Benz(a)Anthracene (µg/l) 0.0001 0.5
Benzo(a)Pyrene (µg/l) 0.0005 0.05
Benzo(k)Fluoroanthene (µg/l) 0.0004 0.05
Indeno(1,2,3-cd)Pyrene (µg/l) 0.0004 0.05
Benzo(ghi)Perylene (µg/l) 0.0003 0.05
Mineral Oil (µg/l) 50 600
Asbestos (µg/l) - -
6. Waste Management- Ref.Qatar Environment Protection Law
Consulting services:
* Collection
* Transportation
* Sorting
* Reuse
* Treatment
* Recycling
* Storage & Monitoring of Waste
* Educating Waste Generators
* Budgeting
* Financing & Ensuring Compliance to Regulations.
* Auditing
* Hydrogeology
* Waste Management
* Enironmet Impact Assesment
* Environmental Management Plan 14001
* Environmental Pollution: Air, Noise, Soil Radation